Kiln Dried v Seasoned v Green Logs

Kiln Dried

Kiln Dried is cleaner insect-free firewood. Insects and mould spores do not survive the kiln process. Powder Post Beatles, Ants, Termites and Asian Long Horned Beetles are all destroyed.

The Benefits of Kiln Dried Wood:

  • Cleaner Wood, less bark and debris to track into your home
  • Weighs Less – much lighter than green or even short term seasonsed
  • Ignites easily and burns efficiently
  • More aesthetically pleasing – brighter flame
  • Ready to burn the day it is delivered

Seasoned Firewood

Seasoning happens before the burning process, taking the moisture content down to 20-25% from typical values of 30-45%. Typically this means cutting and spilitting the wood into managable pieces and then air drying for the spring and summer.

Ideally you would give the wood even longer to dry around two years but often this is not practical.

Green Logs

Green logs or unseasoned logs are wood that has been freshly cut and is likely to have a high moisture content i.e above 50%. The lower the moisture content, the hotter the logs will burn which makes unseasoned logs inefficient.